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"Will To Power" is the third episode of Krypton's second season. It airs on June 26, 2019.


The Rebels gain advantage against General Zod; Seg goes head-to-head with Brainiac.


Seg-El and Adam Strange race through the Coluan forest to get away from Lobo, until Seg is overpowered by Brainiac and brought to a facsimile of the Fortress of Solitude within Seg's mind. There, Brainiac tempts him, and Seg seemingly agrees just long enough to regain control of his own body and formulate a plan. Using Brainiac's knowledge, Seg heads to an ancient natal chamber where Brainiac was originally created, intending to lock him there, but is once again overpowered by Brainiac just as he arrives. While Brainiac manipulates Seg in his mind via taking on the form of his loved ones, Adam places Seg into the natal chamber apparatus to hold Brainiac in place.

Lobo, seeking the pair, arrives but is blocked by a force field around the natal chamber, slicing his arm off to spin past the field. Lobo then blasts his own face, getting more of himself past the force field, and begins to reconstitute himself on the other side. Lobo then attacks Adam, and nearly kills him before Seg snaps out of the manipulation Brainiac was clouding him with. Now awake and in control again, Seg throws Lobo away with telekinesis and then Adam pulls Seg out of the apparatus, separating Seg from Brainiac. The two then use the Zeta Beam to head back to Krypton before Lobo can reach them, who stays behind to attack a seemingly helpless Brainiac.

Meanwhile, Lyta-Zod again asks for General Zod’s permission to go to Colu, which he reluctantly grants after explaining how much Lyta means to him. He explains how she died in the alternate timeline, and Lyta is moved, hugging Dru and calling him "son".

On Wegthor, Nyssa-Vex manages to get the Resistance to trust her using info given to her by General Zod. She convinces Val-El to give her free rein, and seduces her old lover Araame in order to steal data for Zod. All the while, Jax-Ur prepares an assault on Zod's forces.



Guest starring[]


  • Ciaran O'Grady as Young Sagitari