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"May Rao's light forever guide your way."
—Voice of Rao to Seg-El[src]

The Voice of Rao is the religious leader on Krypton.


When Val-El committed religious treason, the Voice of Rao de-ranked the entire House of El. Fourteen years later, when three individuals were on trial, the Voice of Rao gave them their final benediction. They were interrupted, however, when a terrorist attempted to blow up the Voice of Rao and company, only to be stopped. Following this, the Voice of Rao went for a walk through a rankless sector, flanked by his personal security. A few days later, the Voice of Rao stood by Charys-El on trial, having stolen a skimmer and claimed allegiance to Black Zero, before she and her husband were subsequently killed in self-defence. After this, the Voice of Rao watched on as Daron-Vex scolded Jayna-Zod for having killed the two individuals, initially unbeknownst to Daron that he was there.[1] Later, when Daron-Vex checked that Seg would not follow in his parents' rebellious footsteps, the Voice of Rao watched on. He also later appeared when Seg decided not to take up the Vex name, instead of wearing the crest of the Science Guild, with the Voice of Rao deciding it to be fair.[2] Voice of Rao later discussed with Daron-Vex about The Rankless Initiative, in the hopes that Black Zero would be defeated in order to bring the peace in the planet.[3] The mission however ended in failure, as one Sagitari shot an innocent Rankless citizen, causing a public outcry. To adress that situation, VOR decided to frame Sagitari commander Lyta-Zod to ensure the peace in Krypton and stagger the Military Guild. Secondly, he decided to organise religious parade Nova Cycle to calm down the social unrest. VOR and his followers went to Rankless District to see the dead citizen. Some citizens began to insult him, while his companions Anda and Sevi told them that Sagitari deserved a punishment for their abuse of power. When the parade started, one citizen Ona approached him with the black statue of Rao to ensure the blessing of her and dying mother Rhom. Touched by her situation, VOR gave her a rank and membership of Religious Guild, beginning the Nova Cycle. After the parade, VOR took the statue, but it contained, on his surprise, the Brainiac's sentry and was infected by it.[4] VOR later invited his novice Ona to talk about giving her an eternal life (in actuality uploading himself into her head). Ona was unsure and later rejected his offer, instead to live in the real world. VOR organised the ceremony in the Hall of Justice, but was cut because of reported bomb by Dev-Em, in reality a conspiracy plan to kill VOR. When taken by Dev, the latter began to prepare for his execution. VOR unmasked himself and revealed his true nature, as an agent controlled by Brainiac, beginning to brainwash the soldiers (now having own unit "The Red Shard") and taking the control of Dev-Em.[5] Following the failed coup attempt, VOR suspected Daron to be a conspirator, but gave him a new chance to serve him after Daron convinced him his loyalty. After showing him his true nature, VOR ordered Daron to prosecute other conspirators, including his daughter. Daron was torn between those allegiances, but VOR still used him despite his failures. VOR was present in the final stage of religious ceremony to prepare his speech, but his follower Anda called him an imposter and not as a Rao’s prophet. To convince Kandor's people, he came to altar covered in flames, to show them that he is a transcendent being who will give them the eternal life.[6] After the ceremony, he infiltrated into the Genesis Chamber, sucking the energy from the Krytonian embrios so he could become more powerful while also being in trance state. Unknowingly, he was followed by Sevi who discovered his true intentions and escaped to the resistance movement. Gathering the informations from her, the resistance movement began to infiltrate the Chamber guarded by Red Shard. After destroying several guards, Seg and Dru-Zod tried to kill him but he overpowered them. Jayna blasted him through his chest and he fell to the abyss. Although they thought to be gone, he survived and infiltrated his lair in Religious Guild where two Sagitari guarded Ona. After killing them, he implanted into her the bomb and sent her to resistance HQ as an act of vengeance. This backfired when Adam Strange quickly intervened and used the Zeta Ray device to shield them from explosion.[7] He soon killed several Kandor's councilors in absorbing their lifeforce. VOR later went to the generator, in which charges the city's protected dome, to make arrival for Brainiac. The combined combat force by Seg attempted to kill him, but he manipulated them telepathically, resulting in their slaughter. He then took Seg to kill him, but behind him was Nyssa-Vex who put the sunstone in his head, killing him. Despite this, the real Brainiac arrived to destroy Krypton.[8]


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