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"May Rao's light forever guide your way."
—Voice of Rao to Seg-El[src]

The Voice of Rao is the religious leader on Krypton.


When Val-El committed religious treason, the Voice of Rao de-ranked the entire House of El. Fourteen years later, when three individuals were on trial, the Voice of Rao gave them their final benediction. They were interrupted, however, when a terrorist attempted to blow up the Voice of Rao and company, only to be stopped. Following this, the Voice of Rao went for a walk through a rankless sector, flanked by his personal security. A few days later, the Voice of Rao stood by Charys-El on trial, having stolen a skimmer and claimed allegiance to Black Zero, before she and her husband were subsequently killed in self-defence. After this, the Voice of Rao watched on as Daron-Vex scolded Jayna-Zod for having killed the two individuals, initially unbeknownst to Daron that he was there.[1] Later, when Daron-Vex checked that Seg would not follow in his parents' rebellious footsteps, the Voice of Rao watched on. He also later appeared when Seg decided not to take up the Vex name, instead of wearing the crest of the Science Guild, with the Voice of Rao deciding it to be fair.[2]


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