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"Transformation" was the seventh episode of Krypton.[2] It aired on May 2, 2018.[1]


In the aftermath of a failed coup, Daron-Vex must decide how to punish the conspirators. Meanwhile, Lyta-Zod and Dev-Em go in search of Jayna-Zod.


Brainiac's sentry has taken over the Voice of Rao, and he wastes no time in making the members of the Sagitari assigned to assassinate him into his obedient slaves. Dismissing his new followers, the Voice of Rao summons Daron-Vex. He confronts him with the evidence of his coup attempt and beats him into submission. Daron swears fealty to the Voice of Rao and promises to execute all those who plotted against the Voice of Rao. His own daughter, Nyssa-Vex is not immune to his decree and she is arrested.

Seg-El and Lyta-Zod take General Zod to Kem's tavern where they tend to his wounds. Kem fills them in on recent events in Kandor City including the recent coup and Nyssa's arrest and impending execution.

Daron goes to personally execute Nyssa, but she tricks him with a hologram and gets the drop on him, holding a knife to his throat.

Lyta is contacted by Dev-Em and he tells her about Jayna-Zod's role in the coup. However, she has gone missing so Lyta and Dev team up to find her.

Seg attempts to rescue Nyssa, only to find that she is not in need of rescuing. Ultimately, they decide to let Daron live to use him for his powerful connections. However, he instantly betrays them and escapes. Seg and Nyssa then have to fight two guards and dispatch them easily.

In the Jewel Mountains, Lyta and Dev find Jayna, but Dev has been taken over by Brainiac and is one of the Voice of Rao's slaves. He attempts to convert Jayna and Lyta as well. Fighting back, Jayna and Lyta kill Dev.

In Kem's bar, a small resistance begins to form – Seg, Nyssa, Kem, Lyta, Jayna, doctor Ven, and General Zod. Not everyone trusts Nyssa due to her role in the coup, but due to all the double-crossing and lying everyone is in pretty much the same situation. Six of them will not be enough, and they decide to recruit more fighters at the Nova Cycle Ceremony the next day.

Adam Strange heads to the Fortress of Solitude to fix his Zeta Beam which has been acting up. Adam intends to return home following his argument with Seg but after conversing with Val-El's hologram, he decides to kill General Zod and save Superman.

At the exultation ceremony for the Voice of Rao, the new resistance is prepared to attack him and show Kandor what he has become. Before they can attack, someone proclaims that the Voice of Rao is not the godhead he appears to be. The Voice of Rao agrees, and steps into the flames on the altar and proclaims himself to be a transcendent being. The citizens of Kandor are awed by the display of power.