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"The Rankless Initiative" was the third episode of Krypton.[2] It aired on April 4, 2018.[1]


During a military crackdown on Seg’s home district, Seg and Adam Strange race to find a deadly Sentry.[3]


The hologram of Val-El examines the probe that Adam Strange and Kem recovered. He reveals that the probe carried a sentry, which Brainiac uses to infect a host.

The Military Guild meets to consider their options in rooting out Black Zero. Lyta-Zod's approach to the matter sets her at odds with Primus Jayna-Zod, Daron-Vex, and Dev-Em.

In the black markets, Adam Strange locates the sentry and takes it to Seg-El and Kem. The Military Guild begins a series of crackdowns among the Rankless, searching for covert Black Zero agents. Seg sends Adam to the Fortress of Solitude because they would soon find out that he is not from Krypton.

Examining the sentry, Val-El's hologram reveals that the sentry is empty, and the parasite is active in a host. In Sector 19, Seg-El's neighbor, Rhom, is activated by the sentry and begins killing soldiers. The Sagitari use excessive force in questioning the Rankless over the killings, leading to the death of an unarmed man.

Seg goes to Lyta and requests a shock grenade, using it to take out Rhom in the communications hub. He also tells Lyta that Val-El was right all along and they both vow to defend Krypton without the Council's help.

Seg takes Rhom to the Fortress. Val's hologram reveals that the modifications made to Rhom by Brainiac are keeping her alive, and that she is acting as a tracker to bring the World Collector to Krypton. All of the information that she has collected has already been transferred to Brainiac.



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  • The episode was previously titled "Allies".[4]


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