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A skimmer is a Kryptonian vehicle used for flight.


Charys-El stole a skimmer to take Seg-El to the Fortress of Solitude and back. Kem later acquired Seg a skimmer after he decided to return to the Fortress.[1] He again used one to travel to the Fortress, shortly before unlocking a hologram of his grandfather, Val-El.[2] Sometime later, Lyta used a skimmer on her search and rescue operation to track Seg who was in Outlands after being captured by Black Zero and Cynthonnite cult. Zod however used another skimmer and found him before her. Despite of it, Lyta, Strange and Tai-Un found his lair and released Seg from captivity.[3] Another skimmer was used by Nyssa, Lyta and Seg when they found gravely injured, but still alive brainwashed Dev-Em in Outlands who regained himself to some extent. They landed to Fortress of Solitude in order to free Dev-Em and disable the link between Voice of Rao/Brainiac and his brainwashed Sagitari unit "The Red Shard". After killing VOR and freeing Dev, they returned to resistance HQ.[4] When Daron escaped from Black Zero HQ, he bribed a rankless black market seller who was selling the skimmers. Daron used it to escape, but unknown to him, Jax-Ur activated the torture device on remote in his neck, prompting the skimmer crashing somewhere in Outlands.[5]



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