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"Black Zero! Beasts of the Outlands! Factions within other city-states! All of them seek to annihilate us. We are Sagittari. The tip of the spear that guards this city. We never ask for mercy. And we never give it!"

The Sagitari are the law enforcement of Kandor City and later all of Krypton.


Members of the Sagitari practiced combat in the Military Guild. Shortly following, after a terrorist attempted to kill the Voice of Rao, a Sagitari helped to rid him of his bomb. Later that day, the Sagitari followed the Voice of Rao as he walked among the rankless, clearing his way of potential threats. Seg-El attempted to stop one of them beating on an old man, but he was taken away by Sagitari Lyta-Zod, who claimed to be arresting him. That night, Seg was stopped after curfew, possessing a sunstone with the glyph of the House of El. Before a number of Sagitari could stop him, he escaped, catching a ride in a skimmer with his mother. Returning home, Charys was arrested for treason by the Sagitari and taken to the Lawmakers Guild.[1]

Commander Quex-Ul showed off new weaponry to the Sagitari, an act which Lyta-Zod disliked. Because of his questionable leadership, she challenged him for command, later defeating him in the duel.[2]

Primus Jayna-Zod and a handful of Sagitari tried to stage a coup against the Voice of Rao alongside House Vex but they were unsuccessful as the Voice had become taken over by Brainiac. Many of the members, including Dev-Em, fell under his control and became brainwashed servants to Brainiac.

To defeat Brainiac and stop him from destroying Kandor, Seg-El and Nyssa-Vex organized an alliance between the Sagitari and Black Zero to defeat him but Brainiac thwarted their attempt and eliminated both factions.

When Dru-Zod took control of Kandor, he bolstered the Sagitari's numbers by conscripting the Rankless such as Kem and Lor-Ran and used them to conquer the other Kryptonian city states, uniting the planet under Dru-Zod's rule.

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