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Rhom is a rankless Kryptonian and a friend of the House of El. She is the mother of Ona.


When Rhom worked night shifts, Ter and Charys-El would often look after her daughter, Ona, for her. After their passing, she visited Seg to offer her condolences.[1]

While working salvage, Rhom found Brainiac's sentry and the parasite inside infected her. When the Military Guild began raiding Sector 19 looking for Black Zero agents, the parasite activated Rhom and she killed several Sagitari. She is confronted by Seg in the communications hub and he manages to subdue her. Taking Rhom back to the Fortress of Solitude, the hologram of Val-El confirms that Brainiac's modifications are keeping her alive, but that she has already relayed all of the information in her brain to the World Collector.[2]


Season 1[]



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