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The Rankless District is an area of Kandor City in which rankless live.


Seg-El participated in a fight at Kem's bar, earning themselves a bit of money, before he returned home. He later returned to tell Kem of his being promoted to a guild, when Seg noticed the Voice of Rao walking through the Rankless District with some violent Sagitari. Seg attempted to stop one of them hurting a burnt out old man, but he was accosted. Allowed to go, he was intercepted by Adam Strange, who told him of an impending danger for Krypton. Seg later returned to ask Kem for help acquiring a skimmer.[1]

Seg sent Adam Strange to Kem's bar, where he had him ask for more inconspicuous clothes. He also brought a device allowing access to the Science Guild's data banks, which they attempted to use to find evidence of Brainiac. Receiving his parents' ashes, Seg returned home, where he was visited by Rhom and Ona, the later of who gave him a rock with a House of El sigil. He later brought back a forward scout of Brainiac's, discovering Brainiac to already be on Krypton.[2]

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