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"Oh, Mighty Rao, before your grace, we wandered lost in the darkness. Until you appeared and led us into the light."

Ona is a rankless Kryptonian, and a friend of the House of El. She is the daughter of Rhom.


When Ona's mother worked night shifts, Ter and Charys-El would often look after Ona for her. After their passing, Ona and her mother visited Seg to offer their condolences. Ona gave him a rock with a House of El sigil on it.[1]

Sometimes later, Lyta-Zod commanded the Sagitari to hunt for Black Zero members in the Rankless district. During the operation, Ona watched her mother, whose mind was under Brainiac's influence, kill three Sagitari soldier and flee.[2]

Ona joins the Religious Guild

Ona started praying to the Rao to bring her mother back. Seg and Kem later learned that Rhom was affected by Brainiac's sentry and she would not survive for long. Kem decides to tell Ona about Rhom and assumes guardianship over her. Later, during the Voice of Rao's glorification parade, Ona presents him with a gift. The Voice is touched by the gesture and makes her a novice within the Religious Guild.[3]

Ona is turned into a living bomb, probably by the Voice of Rao, during Savage Night.


Season 1[]


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