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Not to be confused with Lor-Zod

Lor-Ran is a Rankless recruit into the Sagitari.



When General Zod began conscripting the Rankless at the end of "The Phantom Zone", Lor-Ran was drawn out of Sector 6, Seg-El's old Rankless district, into the Kryptonian military.

Season 2[]

"Ghost In The Fire"[]

While attending a training session lead by Primus Lyta-Zod, Lyta mistook Lor-Ran for Seg-El, her former lover. She called him out to spar, and although she defeats him handily, Lor is able to gain the upper hand momentarily when Lyta continually sees Seg's face superimposed over his.

Lyta-Zod leaves Lor-Ran beaten and bloodied

After the session, Lyta asks Lor to stay behind to tell him that he reminds her of someone close to her. Thinking to seize the initiative, Lor slowly approaches Lyta to kiss her. She backs away, to his confusion, and when Lor questions her, Lyta snaps and brutally assaults him. His lower jaw is damaged so badly that he is unable to speak, and he is taken to an infirmary.[1]



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