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Lis-Ser is General Zod's weapons engineer and lead scientist.


Season 2[]


Lis-Ser continues her attempts to gain control of Doomsday for General Zod, but although she has successfully accessed his cerebral cortex, Doomsday is immune to all Kryptonian psychoactive drugs. She worries over Brainiac's ship departing, but Zod tells her that in order to be safe from Brainiac they need Doomsday under control. He then offers a drug not native to Krypton; the Black Mercy, whose toxin might succeed where other drugs failed.

Going to retrieve a sample to test its potential viability, Lis-Ser is shocked to discover that Lyta-Zod is still alive, initially disbelieving until General Zod explains that the one who died was merely a somatically reconditioned clone. He orders Lis to proceed with extracting the toxin from the Black Mercy, and explains how Lyta has been hosted by the Black Mercy for months, claiming that it was the only way to give her "peace". When the Black Mercy responds negatively to extraction however, Lis worries that the hallucinatory world the Black Mercy created for Lyta might begin to break down if they disturb it too much. Zod orders her to press on regardless.

Extracting more

Lis-Ser is fascinated by the toxin, but is concerned for Lyta. Zod however threatens her to focus on Doomsday instead. She administers a dosage successfully, and extracts more for further progress.[1]


Season 2[]


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