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Kryptonopolis is a city on the planet Krypton.


Kryptonopolis is one of the largest cities on Krypton and is protected by a power dome. The dome also protects the City from the harsh environment in the Outlands where snowstorms rage all day long. The history of the city is tied to the history of the House El, the ancestors of Superman, as the original layout was designed by Superman's ancestor, Gam-El.

In Lyta-Zods dream reality made under the effects of "Black Mercy" an alien parasitic creature,it is a destination were Seg-El and her go to have a happier life and to bind toghetere.

Known residents[]

Kem (formerly)

Nyssa sister (formerly)

Jayna-Zod (fake reality)

Seg-El (fake reality)

Lyta-Zod (fake reality)

Val-El (fake reality)

Nyssa-Vex (fake reality)

Dev-Em (fake reality)

Dru-Zod (fake reality)