The Phantom Zone

Two Kryptonians, Nyssa-Vex and Seg-El.

Kryptonians were the native sentient species of the planet Krypton. Physically similar to Humans, Kryptonians have a rigid caste system. There were six primary Guilds – the Lawmakers Guild, the Military Guild, the Science Guild, the Religious Guild, the Artisans Guild, and the Technicians Guild – and the Rankless who were considered the lowest in terms of rank.

Kryptonian reproduction was achieved through use of the Genesis Chamber which could grow a foetus from genetic material donated from two parents. The Chamber could also predict the child's eventual physical features, medical history, name, and occupation.

Kryptonians have a detached, more rational way to see things. They believe in productivity and sufficiency. They also think very highly of themselves. Kryptonians have a centrist vision of the world and think Kryptonians are the only civilized and worthy planet made in the universe.

There are different deities that exists on Krypton: Cythonna, Rao, Telle, Lorra, Mordo, and Yuda.

Kryptonians metabolism is changed and reinforced when submitted to yellow sun radiations. They possess the ability to fly, super-strength, super-vision, heat vision, invisibility, super-hearing, and super-breath.