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Two Kryptonians, Nyssa-Vex and Seg-El.

Kryptonians are the native sentient species of the planet Krypton. Physically similar to Humans, Kryptonians have a rigid caste system. There are six primary Guilds – the Lawmakers Guild, the Military Guild, the Science Guild, the Religious Guild, the Artisans Guild, and the Technicians Guild – and the Rankless, who are considered the lowest in terms of rank.

Sexual reproduction was prohibited centuries before, so Kryptonian reproduction is achieved through use of the Genesis Chamber, which can grow a fetus from genetic material donated from two parents. The Chamber can also predict the child's eventual physical features, medical history, name, and occupation.

Kryptonians have a detached, more rational way to see things. They believe in productivity and sufficiency. They also think very highly of themselves. Kryptonians have a centrist vision of the world, and think Krypton is the only civilized and worthy planet made in the universe.

There are different deities that exist on Krypton: Cythonna, Rao, Telle, Lorra, Mordo, and Yuda.

Kryptonians' metabolisms are changed and reinforced when submitted to yellow sun radiation. When this occurs, they possess the ability to fly, super-strength, x-ray vision, heat vision, invulnerability, super-hearing, super-breath, super-speed.

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