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Kol-Da was a Sagitari within the Military Guild.


Kol-Da is a member of the Military Guild, under the command of Lyta-Zod.[1] During a raid on the Rankless in Sector 19, Kol-Da used excessive force while questioning people about Black Zero, resulting in the death of one of the Rankless. When Lyta-Zod finds out about the incident, she has Kol-Da arrested.[2] During her trial, she testified about the situation claiming that she checked the suspect containing the bomb and saved many lives. Lyta-Zod thought that Kol-Da killed innocent Rankless citizen while Kol-Da denied this, believing that she abused her rights. Based on her claims, the authorities believed that Lyta-Zod falsely testified and suspected that she is connected to Black Zero, while in reality was framed as a scapegoat by Voice of Rao and Daron in order to stagger the Military Guild and return the peace on the planet. Daron-Vex and Jayna-Zod conversed about Kol-Da claims from computer screen.[3] Daron visited her in prison, promising to release her and was also revealed to be in love with him. Her testimony was later canned by Daron when he decided to release Lyta during her execution. Despite his promise, Kol-Da was killed by Sagitari soldier, presumably instructed by Daron, to make it like a suicide in order to avoid suspicion from Voice of Rao as he reluctantly decided to make a silent resistance against him, in the hopes to reclaim Kandor from him.[4]



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