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Kandor City, or simply Kandor, is a city on Krypton and the most prominent residence of the planet's population.


Committing religious treason, Val-El was thrown out of Kandor to his death. Fourteen years later, after a terrorist attempted to bomb the Lawmakers Guild, Seg-El stopped him, allowing a member of the Sagitari to shoot his arm off, preventing an explosion. Because of this, the city was put on a terror alert and a curfew was put into effect. Charys-El was later tried for visiting Val-El's illegal Fortress of Solitude. Both Charys and her husband Ter-El were killed when they tried to steal a gun and and were shoot by Jayna-Zod.[1] Kandor was the place where the religious ceremony, Nova Cycle, was held by Voice of Rao. The city was also under siege by Sagitari soldiers when checking Sector 19, as part of the operation "The Rankless Initiative" to find and eliminate terrorist group Black Zero, resulting in the death of innocent Rankless citizen. When more informations about VOR/Brainiac were revealed, Seg attempted to recruit more allies (Kem, Val-El programme, Lyta-Zod and Nyssa-Vex, including the time traveler Adam Strange) and former enemies (Jayna-Zod, Dev-Em and Dru-Zod) to fight against him and his allies. As the resistance was growing, Brainiac made a blow by brainwashing several Sagitari and gaining control of the Military Guild to patrol all streets in the city. Despite his tremendous measures, they managed to sever the link between him and his brainwashed unit in Genesis Chamber. VOR was soon killed, but he managed to survive; as an act of vengeance, he made her blind, naive follower Ona as a living bomb to destroy resistance HQ, but Adam Strange managed to save it by shielding them using Zeta Ray device, who was soon thought to be gone. Later on, the combined unit of Sagitari and Black Zero operatives went to the station's generator when VOR was sucking their energy. Whole unit was killed, except for Seg, but was soon rescued by Nyssa, who implanted sunstone into his head, killing him. Despite this, the real Brainiac and his ship arrived to "bottle" the town. The populace was shocked by his alien presence, triggering the massive panic. Seg and Dru-Zod began to evacuate them to the underground tunnels as possible, later taking care by Lyta and Dev. Seg defeated Brainiac when activating the Phantom Zone in the Fortress, stopping his ship to destroy the city. Despite the victory, this resulted into a new, bleak order made by Dru-Zod as he militarised all Rankless to become Sagitari and crushed any resistance to it.

The Guilds[]

Kandor City was governed by guilds, each responsible for an aspect of society. These include the Lawmakers Guild, Military Guild and Science Guild.

Known inhabitants[]

Current inhabitants[]

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Season 1[]


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