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"I refuse to perpetuate that cycle. The House of Zod builds killers! I won't do it anymore."
—Jayna to her brother

Jayna-Zod is the Primus of the Sagitari, and the mother of Lyta-Zod.


Season 1[]

Jayna's father gives her the House of Zod necklace

When Jayna was young, her father trained her and her brother in combat. One day, he sent Jayna and her brother in the Jewel Mountains to fulfill a task. They only had one oxygen supplier, so Jayna had to fight her brother for it. Jayna completed the task but her brother did not survive. She wanted to go back and find him but her father did not allow her and gave Jayna the necklace of House of Zod.[1]

As Primus, Jayna-Zod commanded the Sagitari of Kandor City. Her daughter, Lyta-Zod, followed her into the Military Guild. Despite Lyta being intended to bind with Dev-Em, Jayna was aware of her daughter's secret relationship with Seg-El.[2]

During a Sagitari training session, Jayna chose Lyta to spar with her, giving the choice of weapons or hand-to-hand combat to Dev-Em. During the fight, Jayna made Lyta cry for mercy then admonished her for the act since mercy was a weakness. She drove a blade through her daughter's hand. Jayna was later present at the trial of Charys-El. When Ter-El grabbed a weapon, Jayna killed him, then killed Charys when she tried the same, actions for which she scolded by Daron-Vex.[2]

After Lyta questioned the Sagitari's future rankless initiative, Jayna shot her down, claiming she had neither the rank nor right to question her. Later, Lyta challenged Quex-Ul to a duel to the death, causing Jayna to question her daughter's actions, visibly shaken and afraid by her choice. She oversaw the fight, surprised when Lyta ultimately won. Despite her qualms, she presented Lyta with honorary badges, granting her the rank of commander.[3]

Jayna-Zod later held the meeting in Military Guild to initiate "The Rankless Initiative", the action in which they hoped they would lure out the Black Zero operatives in one area of Rankless District, Sector 19. Her daughter, Lyta Zod, as the commander of Sagitari, took the unit in that operation. Jayna tracked the progress in Miltary Guild HQ, contacting her daughter about the action. When locating the activity in communication center, she told her to check it, but Lyta said to wait until the unit is safe, causing Jayna to think that Lyta disobeyed the orders. In truth, Seg told Lyta that there is a threat who is also a personal friend and was infected with Brainiac's sentry: Rhom. Given this, Lyta gave him enough time to stop her in com center. After Seg incapacitated her with shock grenade, Lyta's unit went in com center which was damaged because of shock grenade by Seg in order to prevent the data theft from Brainiac.[4]

Following the mission's failure, Jayna and Lyta had a heavy argument in Military Guild about Lyta's disobeying the orders, despite the latter telling her that she protected own unit. Jayna was present at military court during Lyta's trial. Daron then came to arrest Lyta for conspiracy and treason as BZ symphatizer, but Jayna was unaware that it was a frame up by Voice of Rao and Daron. Jayna was shocked at her arrest and decision for her execution. When Seg hears about Lyta's arrest, Seg went to Military Guild and tried to get to her, but Dev-Em and Jayna rejected him, the latter blaming him for everything. Jayna later saw the recording of arrested Sagitari, Kol-Da, on computer screen, convinced by Daron that Lyta conspired with BZ. Jayna however didn't believe in this and visited her in prison, trying to find the reason why Lyta ended in prison and knowing that the Zods are not traitors in the family. She left after Nyssa-Vex made a visit to Lyta as a lawyer. Nyssa later told Jayna that there is a chance to free her, by having allegiance to Vex family in order to bring back Kandor to people and dethrone the Voice of Rao. Jayna was reluctant to do so, but Nyssa gave her a time to think about the offer.[5]

After her reminiscing of her past with brother in Military Guild, Nyssa questioned Jayna about her offer, but the latter was still reluctant to do so. Jayna was present at Kandor's Council during Lyta's execution, but at the last moment Daron cancelled it, dropping all charges, including Kol-Da statements as recanted; this was part of the deal as Jayna accepted Vex's offer.[6]

Jayna was in Lawmakers Guild with Daron and Nyssa-Vex to discuss a risque plan to assassinate Voice of Rao, by implanting the bomb in Hall of Justice during the cancellation of Nova Cycle. Jayna suggested to them to take Dev-Em because of his trust in her. After the absolution ceremony, Jayna had a heavy argument with Daron to include Dev. He considered him to be a great risque, suggesting her to replace him with someone else, but Jayna rejected and soon left Vexes. A young officer Taz-Ran visited her regarding the questionable release of former Black Zero prisoner, also requesting to speak with Voice of Rao. Despite praising him as a good officer, she knew that he is a risque and soon killed him after their brief struggle. Following this, she assured Dev-Em to be the last opportunity to save Kandor from VOR in executing this conspiracy plan.[7]

This plan however ended in failure when VOR uncovered them and began to brainwash his unit, including Dev-Em, prompting her to escape. She found the sanctuary in Jewel Mountains, the same region where she was as a young girl. Lyta and Dev found her, but Lyta and Jayna were soon shocked to see Dev to serve him. After a brief struggle, Lyta shot his blaster in his hand, killing him. Lyta and Jayna went to underground resistance movement, where she also met a future grandson Dru-Zod. Jayna, Dru-Zod, Lyta and Seg went to the Hall of Justice where the final stage of religious ceremony was held to assassinate VOR/Brainiac.[8]

After discovering that VOR/Brainiac was sucking the energy in Genesis Chamber by Sevi, Jayna and Dru-Zod went to the Black Zero and their leader Jax-Ur for help. Telling her all details about their common enemy, Jax-Ur agreed to help them in exchange for one person whom she wanted to deal with: Daron-Vex. To infiltrate the Genesis Chamber, Seg, Lyta, Nyssa and Val-El in the Fortress warned them that they must first sever the link between Brainiac and his unit "The Red Shard", using the injured, barely alive, semi-conscious Dev-Em to disable them. Seg soon joined to Jayna and Dru-Zod in the action. After killing and disabling other guards, Seg and Zod tried to kill him, but was too much powerful until Jayna shot him in his chest, where VOR fell into the abyss. After the battle, Dru delivered Daron to Jax-Ur, as Nyssa also agreed on that deal. Jayna returned to resistance HQ and talked to Seg about Dru-Zod. Besides of revealing her grandson's whereabouts (minus of Seg's son Jor-El), she feared that Zod returned so that he could rule it. Jayna was later caught in the explosion, made by Brainiac using Ona as a living bomb, but she survived along with Seg and Kem thanks to Adam Strange's intervention and sacrifice by using Zeta Ray device to shield them.[9]

Following the assassination attempt, Jayna attempted to find Dru-Zod, but also her daughter Lyta, due to the fear that Dru would use Doomsday to destroy Brainiac. When Seg and Nyssa found out, they went to find them in underground tunnels where the Doomsday Vault was found. Dru entered the door by using own blood, as Dru is the son of Seg-El and Lyta-Zod, sharing their bloodline. The vault was however empty, as Seg, Jayna, Cythonnite sect earlier removed it from Dru's attempt. As Seg and Nyssa went to the sect, Jayna, Dru and Lyta stayed near to the vault. As Dru was impatient, Jayna warned him not to go or she will fire on him. Due to their disagreements, Dru challenged her on Kandorian's combat duel. After some fight, Jayna attempted to incapacitate him to surrender, but Lyta, conflicted on their perspectives, fired on her mother, wounding her. Dru was angry what Lyta did, but despite it, her mother escaped somwhere in underground tunnels. As she was gravely injured, she fell on the floor, but was picked up by hooded figure, who was revealed to be her brother Vidar, who was still alive after their last task in Jewel Mountains.[10]

Season 2[]

"Ghost In The Fire"[]

Jayna-Zod is seen moving through the Outlands, talking with who appears to be her brother Vidar-Zod. They talk about Kryptonian theology, namely Vohc and Firebird, also noting that Kryptonians can adapt to life in the Outlands given enough time. Walking with Vidar, she laments that she left him alone in the Outlands, that she had been trained to be a ruthless weapon and she herself trained her own daughter Lyta-Zod to be one as well. She realizes that the House of Zod "builds killers", and says she won't do it anymore.

Arriving at a shady bar in the Outlands, Jayna is accosted by the bartender who doesn't like current and former Sagitari, having recognized her as Jayna-Zod. She assaults him and asks if anyone else thinks she's Jayna, prompting everyone to put their heads down. She takes a drink, although current Sagitari in service to General Zod arrive looking for a "traitor". The beaten bartender tips them off to her presence, and she fights them, nearly singlehandedly defeating every single one until Dev-Em shows up and blasts the last of them, saving Jayna.[11]

"Will To Power"[]

Jayna-Zod asks Dev-Em for help

After disposing of the Sagitari bodies, Jayna meets back up with Dev-Em. She realizes that the Sagitari were after him as the traitor, not her. Jayna asks Dev for help to save Lyta and kill General Zod, but Dev rebukes her, saying that she doesn't know Lyta anymore. Dev, unwilling to help as all that he has believed in is gone, tells Jayna to pretend they never saw each other before departing.

Jayna later finds Dev passed out in the snow, and takes him inside shelter. When he wakes up crying, she embraces him.[12]

"Danger Close"[]

Again in the Outlands bar, New Lurvan, Dev-Em relates to Jayna-Zod how he deserted the Sagitari and came to despise her daughter Lyta-Zod. Jayna insists that although she believes his recount of Lyta's deeds, she will do what she can to save Lyta from General Zod. Still, she says that from now on they will "talk together", to which she offers a toast, and Dev returns it.[12]

"A Better Yesterday"[]

Jayna-Zod and Dev-Em unsuccessfully try to recruit allies from New Lurvan, Outlands

Jayna-Zod and Dev-Em enter New Lurvan in Sagitari uniforms, asking the clientele to help them take down Dru-Zod. Dev convinces them that it is possible due to their knowledge of Sagitari patrol routes, comm frequencies, and security codes, but the group is unmoved, saying that "some other tyrant will take his place". She insists that as a conqueror he will find them wherever they are unless they strike first, but again they are unmoved.

Riding in a skimmer to Kandor, Jayna asks Dev why he didn't join the Resistance, guessing that it was because of Jax-Ur. Dev explains that although Jax didn't do it herself, she lead Black Zero, and they killed his family. He says that he doesn't know which side is right, only that he is loyal to Jayna. Arriving at the Military Guild, Jayna reports that she has information regarding Dev-Em to an officer, being allowed up to Zod's chambers to deliver it. Dev then distracts the guards while Jayna kills them, and they continue on.

Jayna-Zod and Dev-Em confront General Zod, who uses Seg-El as a human shield

Arriving in the chambers to find Zod strangling Seg-El, Jayna and Dev pull a gun on him. Jayna however is unwilling to shoot, due to Zod holding a knife to Seg and using him as a human shield, because her daughter Lyta loves Seg. Dev however is willing, and goes to fire until Zod throws a knife at Jayna, forcing him to stop to save her while Zod escapes. The trio then flee the area, with Seg killing all of the Sagitari in their path, much to their bewilderment. They head with him to the old Rankless District to meet up with the rebellion, until Jayna watches Jax-Ur slit her own daughter's throat on screen.[13]

"In Zod We Trust"[]

Seemingly unmoved by her daughter's death, Jayna and Dev-Em bring Seg-El off the street. Jayna begins to break down however, and angrily tells Seg to "ask your grandfather" when he wonders how this could have happened. Seg fires back that Val would do everything he could to prevent it, but Jayna bitterly says "It wasn't enough, was it?" Dev tries to diffuse the argument by saying Lyta wouldn't want them arguing, until Seg reveals that none of them know what Lyta wants, as Lyta had been reconditioned, much to Jayna's horror. On Seg's urging, they then continue on despite their grief, locating Nyssa-Vex.

In New Lurvan, Jayna is overcome by grief, and is unwilling even to fight General Zod, because no matter what they do Lyta shall still be dead. She returns to her room, and when Dev enters, she asks where they could possibly go from this. Dev assures her that wherever they go, it will be together. Dev grabs her hand, and Jayna begins sobbing in Dev's arms over the loss of her daughter.[14]


Jayna-Zod and Dev-Em arrive at the Fortress of Solitude

Jayna-Zod and Dev-Em arrive at the Fortress of Solitude after having noticed Seg-El and Nyssa-Vex's departure. They inform the pair that Zod's fleet is completed and is planning to launch for Wegthor, so together the group of four plan and execute a plan to infiltrate Fort Rozz. It quickly goes awry however, as Seg and Nyssa are captured. Jayna retreats with Dev.

Jayna is accosted by two Sagitari, who prepare to shoot her, until she and Dev are saved by Lyta. Jayna embraces her daughter and takes her to a safe area, and becomes enraged when Dev pulls a gun on Lyta, but then acquiesces when Dev demands answers. Lyta reveals that her clone died, and that she herself was under the influence of the Black Mercy, put there by Zod when she refused to obey him regarding Doomsday.

Jayna-Zod creates a distraction with Lyta-Zod

Jayna tells Lyta that Seg is alive, and urges Lyta to make it to safety before springing Seg from captivity, but Lyta insists on getting him immediately. Jayna and Lyta make a distraction in the shipyard to allow them to escape, and they reunite in Kandor. Dev tries to make haste, but Jayna gives them a little time together before moving on.[15]


Season 1[]

Season 2[]


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