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For the episode of the same name, see House of El.

"As long as there is an El on Krypton, there will be hope. And hope… can be a powerful weapon."
Val-El's hologram

The House of El is a family residing on Krypton. Many of its members have been a part of the Science Guild.


According to Val-El, any who are brought into their family and adopt the El name are given the first name of one of their ancestors. This was the practice for when Cor-Vex was to be given the El name. He was given the name of his great-great grandfather and christened Jor-El.

The House of El accomplished a great number of things, such as Tharb-El finding a cure for the Green Death, ultimately saving the Kryptonian race.[1] Following Val-El claiming there to be life beyond Krypton, against the religious practices of the state, the Voice of Rao stripped the House of El of their rank.[2]

Known Members[]

Other Relatives[]

  • Dru-Zod (future son of Seg via Lyta-Zod, younger paternal half-brother of Jor-El; present fate unknown)
  • Nyssa-Vex (Seg's current intended and mother of Jor-El II)
  • Lyta-Zod (mother of Dru-Zod in the future)

Possible Future Members[]

  • Lara Van-El [formerly Lara Lor-Van] (future mother of Kal-El, wife of Jor-El and daughter-in-law of Seg-El and Nyssa-Vex)
  • Zor-El (son of Seg-El and possibly Nyssa-Vex, brother of Jor-El, half-brother of Dru-Zod, father of Kara Zor-El and uncle of Kal-El)
  • Kara Zor-El (daughter of Zor-El and Alura In-Ze, granddaughter of Seg-El, niece of Jor-El and Dru Zod, cousin of Kal-El)
  • Alura In-Ze (wife of Zor-El, sister-in-law of Jor-El, daughter-in-law of Seg-El and possibly Nyssa-Vex, aunt of Kal-El and mother of Kara Zor-El)

Related Families[]


  • Krypton is the first time the Houses of El and Zod have ever been biologically related.
  • Dru-Zod's existence is currently in limbo as he has not been concieved.
  • The Houses of Ze and Van haven't been mentioned so far in the series as it's too early in the story for them to be involved.


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