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The Fortress of Solitude is the former secret base of operations for Val-El's scientific research. It is located not far from Kandor City.


After the Kryptonian council shut down Val-El's research on life outside of Krypton, he moved his work to the Fortress of Solitude. There, he learnt of Brainiac, the Collector of Worlds. He was, however, killed for this alleged treason.[1]

Fourteen years later, Seg-El was taken to the Fortress by Charys-El, where he used a sunstone to enter.[1] Seg returned, using his blood to unlock a hologram of his grandfather, discussing his knowledge of Brainiac.[2]

Seg, Val-El, Strange and Kem brought the Brainiac probe in which Val-El explained that the probe contained the sentry and the parasite to infect the host. The sentry was missing since it was found by salvage worker Rhom and sold it on black market. Strange was able to pick it up, but was empty, since the parasite already entered the host. The brainwashed Rhom went to collect data in communication hub for him. Seg stopped this, but was too late as she relayed the data to him. Rhom was taken to Fortress under Val's care. Val noticed that the Brainiac's modifications kept her alive. He put the nubots to try to remove them in her cortex. Rhom awakened, and gaining herself, warned Val and Strange that her daugter Ona is infected and soon died.[3][4] When the marshal law was declared by Voice of Rao due to its coup attempt by resistance members, Adam Strange begged Val-El to repair Zeta Ray device to return home. After repairing the device, when Val asked him about his reason to go home, Strange felt that he failed everything at saving the Krypton's future and Kal-El. After Val encouraged him to not lose a hope, Strange then erased his last conversation to him and took the repaired device, when he decided to kil General Zod and prevent Seg to save Kandor, hoping to become a true hero.[5] The resistance movement members Seg, Lyta-Zod and Nyssa-Vex later came to the Fortress to bring alive, but semi-conscious Dev-Em who was controlled by Brainiac. They planned to sever the link between Brainiac and his unit Red Shard, also including Dev-Em so that he could shut down his unit. After Val hacked his neural network, the connection was disabled, allowing Black Zero to kill VOR/Brainiac in Genesis Chamber, also releasing Dev-Em from his control.[6] Days later, Seg and Nyssa discussed about the dire situation, even Nyssa suggested to him to take the skimmer and go to Argo City, but he was reluctant to do so. When was Seg alone, being pessimistic about this situation, Val noticed the sig on the sunstone held by Seg and told him that it came from the ancient Kryptonian word for hope. His ancestors chose it and generations defined it, making a great accomplishments not by words, but by action, thus Val encouraged him that there is still the hope and the chance to save Krypton.[7] Dru-Zod and Lyta entered the Fortress, revealing to Seg that his grandfather was alive. Activating the projector, The Phantom Zone is revealed within the Fortress, bringing Val here. Despite Seg being happy to see him again, Val shocked about the zero chance to win against Brainiac. Desperate, Zod attempted to sell him to their enemy, believing that he will spare the planet. As Seg and Val were in Fortress, Zod and Brainiac arrived. Brainiac was pleased to see him, but quickly deduced to be a hologram. Seg then activated the projector, banishing Brainiac, but also the latter taking Seg as well, while Val tried to save him but he couldn't. One month after the war, Val was in Fortress and saw Nyssa and Jax-Ur approaching, happy to see them again, but Fortress was caught in bleak situation, as Dru-Zod became the new ruler of Krypton. In addition, the sigil on Kal-El's cape from the future was changed from the House of El to House of Zod, supposedly erasing Kal-El from the timeline.[8]


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