Dru-Zod is a member of the House of Zod and comes from the future. He is the son of Lyta-Zod and Seg-El and the grandson of Jayna-Zod. Because he's Seg's son, this makes Zod the uncle of his future nemesis, Kal-El.

Biography Edit

At some point of time General Zod was born to Lyta-Zod and Seg-El, though he had long believed his father to be a unnamed soldier who died in Kandor.[1] He later told his father Seg, after figuring out the truth, that Lyta never told Zod anything about him due to being upset that Seg was captured by Brainiac alongside Kandor.

In the future Zod was banished to the Phantom Zone. There he learned about Brainiac after encountering Val-El, who unbeknownst to either of them was his paternal great-grandfather. Zod later betrayed Val to escape the Phantom Zone, leaving him behind. After that he went on to become an enemy to his nephew Kal-El, known to the universe as the superhero Superman.

General Zod went back in time to save Krypton from being destroyed by Brainiac, whose decision to take the city of Kandor would cause the planet's core to become unstable. He joined Black Zero and some joined his cause after he told them, and later encountered his father Seg and mother Lyta. He wanted to use a weapon of mass destruction named Doomsday to kill Brainiac but Seg insisted not to use Doomsday as it would kill every being it finds.[2]

However after their attempts to kill the Voice of Rao failed, Zod convinced Lyta to use Doomsday. Seg and Jayna beat them too it however and moved Doomsday, but as he opened the doors to where he believed Doomsday was Zod revealed that he had figured out he was Seg's son, making him both an El and a Zod.

When Brainaic arrived on Krypton, Zod revealed that he met Val and brought him back from the Phantom Zone in hopes his genius could stop the alien. However Val revealed that he had seen millions of alternate futures, all which end with Brainiac taking Kandor. When Val reluctantly revealed that he had never seen a future where he left the Phantom Zone, Zod took this as proof that they could change things and went to Brainiac, offering to trade Val for Krypton's safety, knowing that the alien would want knowledge of the future. However when the two went to Val's fortress and Brainiac prevented Seg from killing Val, it was soon revealed that Val was in fact a hologram and the real one had hidden. Seg then quickly activated the machine to send Brainiac to the Phantom Zone, but was dragged in with Brainiac. Zod then quickly destroyed the machine to activate the Phantom Zone portal before Val could try to bring Seg back, and saw the emblem of Kal-El's cape changed from a House of El to a House of Zod symbol due to his actions. A month later Zod had taken control of Kandor with aid from Dev-Em and Lyta, and proudly claimed that they were first going to conquer Krypton, boosting the military's power by making the rankless part of the Sagitari, before conquering other worlds to create an intergalactic empire.

Future Edit

Due to Zod's actions in Krypton's past and Brainaic no longer having taken Kandor, the timeline was completely altered. Adam Strange, after having been thrown forward in time after saving Seg's life, found himself on a human city that had been bottled in Braniac's ship and found a stature of Zod. This suggests that not only does Zod conquer other worlds, Earth included, but he also starts using Brainaic's ship to bottle cities.



Season 1Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Before Seg was revealed as his father, Dev-Em was suspected to be Zod's father.


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