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Colu is a planet whose primary inhabitants are called the Coluans. It is the homeworld of Brainiac.

History Edit[]

Thousands of years ago ,the civilization known as Coluans created a enitity known as "Brainiac" who afterwards turned on them and eradicated their species. Centuries later, a Kryptonian named Seg-El who had escaped from Phantom Zone with Brainiac landed on Colu,afterwards Seg-El killed Brainiac and Earthling named Adam Strange arrived to return Seg to Krypton,ubknownst to them a Czarnian bounty hunter named Lobo came to Colu to hunt and kill Brainiac,after "Collector of Worlds" destroyded Lobos homeworld.

Known inhabitants Edit[]

Coluans (formerly)

Brainiac (formerly)

Seg-El ( formerly)

Adam Strange ( formerly)

Lobo ( formerly)