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Charys-El was a member of the House of El and the mother of Seg-El.


Charys-El was married to Ter-El, and the pair had a son, Seg-El. Charys, along with her husband and son, was present at Val-El's trial. Val-El was found guilty of sedition and the entire House of El was de-ranked within Kryptonian society.[1]

Fourteen years later, Charys and her family were living in the Rankless District. When Seg returned from a night scamming Guildsmen with his friend, Kem, she noticed that Ter had left for work but had forgotten his medication. Seg offered to make sure he got them. Later, Seg told his parents about his meeting with Adam Strange, showing them the sunstone and the message to find the Fortress of Solitude. Ter took the sunstone for safe keeping since the symbol of the House of El was outlawed. Once Seg had left, Charys and Ter discussed whether or not Seg was ready to know the truth. Deciding that it was time for Seg to know the truth, Charys stole a skimmer. After rescuing him from a group of Sagitari, she took Seg to the Fortress of Solitude where the sunstone allowed them to access it. Charys told Seg about his grandfather's work, and how he had found something that was destroying worlds and heading for Krypton. Back at their home, Charys was arrested for stealing the skimmer, where she claimed to be a member of Black Zero. She had already wiped the nav-data from the skimmer to protect the location of the Fortress. At her trial, Charys told Daron-Vex that he allegiance to Black Zero was simply a ruse so she could speak before the people of Kandor to tell them that Val-El was right. Questioned about the second bio-signature in the skimmer, Ter-El claimed to be his wife's accomplice and was then killed by Primus Jayna-Zod after taking a guard's weapon. The Primus then killed Charys after she attempted to do the same.[1]


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